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Not Enough Patients?

Are your competitors
eating your lunch?

It gets more difficult to
fill up your schedule?

Maybe it is time to
to see how you are attract
Qualified Leads

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Irregular Revenue?

Leads are important for any business, Qualified Leads are the secret of every successful business.

Get ahead of the game by having more opportunities than you can handle -growth 101.

What about some
Leads On-Demand?

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Slow Growth?

If you feel like you should be growing faster, it might be a good time to rework your marketing strategy.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Let's go a head an
grow your practice -forever.

Let's see what's the problem

Few mistakes way too easy to make:

Doing Better Dental Work than Marketing Work

We are taught, "Practice and get really good at your craft. If you are very good at what you do, the money will follow."
Most Dentists are very good at their do, yet getting enough clients still a struggle.


Doing the Wrong Marketing

The right kind of Marketing typically gives about a three times to ten times RIO. If you don't have those returns, you are probably doing it wrong. When was the last time you have a Dental Marketing Professional looking at your strategy?

Band-Aid Advertising

An advertising effort is not the same as a Marketing Strategy. The Band-Aid approach tends to do little or nothing to mitigate the underlying problem.
Marketing should be the core of your biz, so your practice can fully prosper.


If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.

Be the dental
Attract more Patients

Our competitive advantage is our Strategic Marketing Approach.

Click here to learn
how it can help
your business grow:

Appointment filled

the #1 challenge dental practitioners have is generating traffic and leads

5 miles

72% of consumers who did a local search, visited a store within five miles


86% of people look up the location of a business
on Google Maps


Google is responsible for
94% of total organic traffic



What our customers are saying

Silvia Mendez
5 Starts Reviews
Very satisfied with his excellent attention, professionalism and creativity. I definitely recommend it 👍👍
Alejandra Tavera
5 Starts Reviews
We have been working with Progeektech for over 2Years and He Help us with the Re-design of the website, With website SEO and Marketing and since then we've seen over 20 new patients over 90 new leads/ calls per week on average. We've seen much improvement and thank you because  he has done more then what we hope
By Anu.
5 Starts Reviews
Excellent service! We are super happy with our website. Jader is friendly, patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He takes the time that most web designers do not and is very responsive to emails and any questions/concerns we've had during the whole process. Thank you Jader! We highly recommend Progeektech!!
By Vahid C.
5 Starts Reviews
Thanks to Yader and His hard work we finally have our site up.It was amazing how helpful this company is while you are working on your site.Great prices and great customer service.You can check our site and you can see the mount of work that was done.TeamEliteZone.com Thanks to Progeektech we have a professional website now.
Vicky Branson
5 Starts Reviews
This is definitely the best place to go to if you need any help with your website. Staff is incredibly helpful and friendly and exceeded expectations. This business really took the time to make sure I was satisfied and saved me so much stress. Highly recommend coming here for any website assistance!
Zach Weiss
5 Starts Reviews
Jader is the best! He was always just a phone call away and was always happy to assist, even when the job was complete. He provided my property management company with an amazing website and we are so excited to show it off. If you're looking for a website designer, look no further. Thank you Jader.

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After more than 200 successful projects, Our process is our secret sauce for consistent results. It's very simple, yet powerful.

Step 1

Here we listen to you.
We learn about where you are now, and where you want to go.
Your strengths, your needs, your pain point.

Step 2

We develop an strategic aligned plan to reach your goals and take advantage of the opportunity areas.

Step 3

Time to work on the tactics: we utilize our framework to assemble your technology solution.

Step 4

Fine-tuning your solution takes several tests. A digital dashboard is used to monitor key metrics to maximize results.