Dr. Cammy Case Study: From Invisible to First Page Google!

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Dr. Cammy has extensive expertise in aiding individuals to recover from chronic and acute stress-related disorders, including generalized anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and panic, and offering family trauma therapy. 

Dr Cammy was seeking assistance in enhancing her online presence, Dr. Cammy specifically sought support in search engine optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic and visibility for targeted keywords. After months of unsuccessful collaborations with other agencies and freelancers, our services were recommended to her.

Upon carefully analyzing her business objectives and identifying areas where her practice could stand out, we quickly recognized that her needs surpassed the scope of mere SEO assistance.

Project goals and objectives

We propose to create a modern website for Dr. Cammy that encapsulates its identity and values while making it easy for potential clients to locate the information they need quickly and easily. We wanted to ensure that we provided them with a reliable, user-friendly platform where they could make changes without needing a designer or developer.

To achieve this, our team developed an intuitive, eye-catching design website that promoted their services without compromising usability or accessibility. It incorporated advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so that people searching for the target keywords could easily find Dr. Cammy’s website. 

The challenge

Dr. Cammy is a certified marital and family therapist and receive a human development and family studies doctorate. Dr. Cammy is a clinical supervisor, consultant, and EMDR-certified therapist.

The primary challenge we faced was the migration of Dr. Cammy's original website, which was built on a different platform and contained a substantial amount of pages and content.

Another challenge was creating a website that effectively communicated Dr. Cammy's message while providing a modern, user-friendly experience. From the outset, we knew this would be no easy feat as there were many competing medical practices in the area, and many had already established their online presence. We needed to ensure this website stood out and gave potential customers a great first impression.

Here is the BEFORE

The Process and Insight

As a webflow design agency, we worked closely with Dr. Cammy to create a website that achieved their goals and objectives. From the start, we paid close attention to the organization’s mission statement and core values to develop a design that accurately represented what the practice stands for. We also drew insights from competitors’ websites to ensure our design was modern, professional, and SEO-friendly.

Webflow's powerful CMS capabilities enabled us to easily customize content without manually coding each page. This allowed us to provide the client with an efficient yet highly effective website that flawlessly communicated Dr. Cammy's message while providing an excellent user experience.

Moreover, we focused on creating a highly responsive design that worked seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. This ensured the website was optimized for all users regardless of their device or browser.

In the final phase, our team dedicated efforts to implementing effective SEO practices. We addressed and resolved any errors and technical SEO issues on the website. Additionally, we diligently improved and optimized the content on target pages, ensuring they were well-positioned to attract and rank for desired keywords. Furthermore, we created compelling content to captivate the target audience and boost search engine rankings.

The solution

We created a modern, professional website for Dr. Cammy that effectively communicated her message while providing an excellent user experience. Our team utilized Webflow's powerful CMS and SEO capabilities to create a fully functional online presence with a streamlined navigation system and optimized content for SEO. Additionally, we incorporated the latest web technologies to ensure their website was optimized for speed and responsiveness on all devices.

Dr. Cammy’s new website has enabled her to reach more people than ever and provide them with the help they need to achieve their goals of living their best lives. We are proud to have been able to assist her in this endeavor and look forward to helping other professionals as a webflow development agency in the future.

The new website has significantly succeeded, increasing customer engagement and improving brand recognition. We are proud to have worked with Dr. Cammy and helped them reach her goal of becoming a successful trauma therapist. We look forward to continuing our partnership as they expand into new markets. 

The Results

The results of working with Dr. Cammy's website have been impressive. The new website has driven more traffic to the practice and enabled them to reach a larger audience. In the past six months, Dr. Cammy's website has experienced a remarkable improvement in search engine rankings. It has climbed an impressive 753 positions, marking a significant increase of 14,960%. As a result, her website now ranks on the first page of Google for more than 12 main target keywords, showcasing the effectiveness of our SEO efforts.

Final Website: AFTER

In addition, the website has improved brand recognition and customer engagement, resulting in increased profits for the business. Furthermore, the streamlined CMS made it easier for Dr. Cammy to manage her online presence and keep content fresh.

Overall, the new website is visually appealing, caters to all of the needs of its customers, and makes them stand out from the competitors. Additionally, she has gotten a lot of good feedback from clients who have commended her medical services.

Dr. Cammy's has gained better search engine results, more leads and inquiries, and greater brand recognition. The company's web presence and marketing initiatives helped it become more visible and attract new customers.

Client Testimonial

“Best team to work with for website development and SEO. Super fast turnaround, great attention to detail, patient, and good natured. Also love the focus on hard data to support website and strategy changes for client acquisition“ Dr. Cammy Froude


This project was a great example of how our team can work with clients to create high-quality websites tailored to their needs. Our custom designs and the latest web technologies ensured Dr. Cammy’s website was attractive and easy to navigate. 

We assist her in choosing the most effective traffic sources, implementing acquisition strategies that minimize manual labor, and acquiring and nurturing new and existing clients.

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