Our Story
If you believe, It can happen!
Our Company Story, Our Passion

ProGeekTech was founded in 2013 -as an independent Marketing & Brand Builders

Our vision is to become a top agency in united state by revolutionizing the industry and setting new standards of branding and direct response marketing.

Our Mission is to consistently deliver transformation by helping our client Perceived Value, have a clear message and ultimately grow their business.

We understand that every company DNA is unique. Our uniqueness is a special mixture of Science and Art.(Brand Design and Marketing)

ProGeeTech is what happens when geeks learn Marketing.

Our Core Values:

 • Honesty
We won’t sugar-coat it. Life is too short not to be direct. Open and honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship.

 • Kindness
People and relationships come to us first. Because kindness is contagious. "Treat others the way we'd like to be treated"

 • Accomplishment
Do something now that will make the person you’ll be tomorrow proud

 • Teamwork
We believe in the power of working together. We embrace diversity, Leverage collective genius, to meet the needs of our customers and to help our Company win

 • Excellence
Dedicated to the success of our customers, partners,  employees and brand

more than design &marketing

This Our Commitment to you

We find it important to offer a valuable end product.
Creating outstanding work depends on our mutual trust and combined insights. At Progeektech we consider true collaboration as the key to successful project design.


We are entrepreneurial setting the new standards, which compels us to push boundaries and stretch beyond conformity to break new ground as digital marketing evolves. We constantly innovate to stay top of our game.

Be Creative

No matter the task, it’s our creative approach that lets us find better ways to meet your needs.

Clear Communications

When we all communicates clearly, we help each other succeed.

Keep it Real

is about being authentic. We are genuine in the way we interact with people, with our customers, colleagues or suppliers. We mean what we say, delivering on our promises.

Go Above and Beyond

We strive every moment to do something a little unconventional,

Some Say Entrepreneurship
is For The "Unemployable"

We're entrepreneurs, creatives and dads.
Our DNA is a careful balance of creators, learners, and strategists.

Our love to help businesses growth using simple marketing strategies and getting local businesses new customers.

Jader Gil
Online Marketing expert & Founder of Progeektech

It was the Summer of 2013 when I lost my corporate job after 13 years of hard work. I carried myself down to try to find another job but I succumbed to the pressure of life balance and survival.Long story short, three months passed very quickly, and I couldn’t land another job. I started getting late on paying my bills. I ended up getting my car repossessed, I got evicted from my apartment, and my marriage cave under the pressure. All this happen like in slow motion. All the sudden, I became a homeless unemployed single-parent. During the struggle, I was trying to figure how to take care of my two kids, make ends meet, and get back to my feet financially.One day, there as I lay, fearfully thinking & praying. I just got up and decided to take control of the situation. I didn’t know how, but I promised myself I wouldn’t give up.I needed it to start from where I was at. The only capital I had was my computer and my brain. I started researching on the Internet. Borrow some money to buy some courses on Web Design, Marketing and Business. I spent hundreds of hours learning from the best in the industry. I also learned UI/UX design, Branding, Consulting and Internet Marketing. As I was learning, I started to help small business grow their businesses.Now today I truly enjoy partner with amazing people around the world to grow their companies. and able to take care on my boys at the same time.I love what I do so much, that this has become my lifestyle now. Day to day I keep specializing on using the power of the internet to increase small businesses revenue.I appreciate all the trust my customers continue giving me. It is big a responsibility to work with someone else business, brand, and revenue. I take this responsibility as serious as my own.I am a talented Internet marketing entrepreneur, and my passion is to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Jader Gil
Branding Business Director
Edwin Brito
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It was the Spring of 2001 when I had to leave my loved country in a rush. Some bad guys took control of my country's government, and the situation was becoming very volatile. I knew if I wanted a better future for my 3-years-old daughter, I had to leave before it was too late.

Leaving my country of origin was one of the hardest things I've ever done. After a 5-hour airplane flight, I realized I've left behind all my friends, my culture, my profession, and in top of that, I became illiterate overnight.
After some struggles, my wife at that moment decided to go back, leaving me with my daughter.

Raising my daughter on my own at the same time a had to learn how to speak, read and write another language was not in my plan. After having an Engineering degree, the last thing I wanted to do was going back to college to study English as a second language.

Somehow, it occurred to me, what if I can learn other things at the same time, I learn this new language? So, I complemented my reading assignments with a self-designed curriculum on Psychology, Marketing, Technology, Value Creation, Sales, Business Strategy, Copywriting, and Leadership among others.
Looking backwards, now I realize it was a blessing in disguise. Going back to the basis gave me the opportunity to discover new ideas and develop very valuable skills.

Along the way, I became a preschool teacher. For five years, I worked with more than 200 low income families. After four more years working as an administrator in the school system, I learned how inadequate it is preparing our kids. With the overwhelming amount of changes coming at us, I decided to contribute in a different way.
As a business owner myself, I’ve figured one of the most difficult parts for most business is adapting to a changing landscape. I decided to help entrepreneurs to improve their businesses. I they do well, many families will have more stable and better paying jobs.

Edwin Brito
Business Strategy Growth