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Let's Build a Powerful Website to stand out of the crowd

To rise above your competitors, nothing better than a powerful website.

As they say, there is only one opportunity to make a great first impression.
Let's make your visitors say WAO!

Google Organic top Rank

make your Dental website work for you 24/7

An effective website should pay tenfold in value. Here are few of the ways your website can work for you:

  • Deliver Value to your Prospects

    Value in the eyes of your patients can be information about the services you offer, validation of your reputation, articles with information of interest. Help them move from researching to buying,

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    Sale for you

    Selling your dental services is not the only objective, you can promote your team, your culture and your process. Encourage your clients to be prepared for their experience with you and to show up on time.
    This will save you time and help your customer get ready to enjoy the new experience with you.

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    Automatic Scheduling

    Booking your appointments online is very convenient for your customers and save you time and miscommunications.
    Referrals are expected after a positive experience.

Delivering unique solutions, time after time

What makes us different

Our Company is not typical for these
3 Key Reasons

  • We Are Team Players

    Our approach is to become your
    Off-Site Marketing Department
    We understand most Dentists want to be Dentists, no marketers.
    We aim to become part of your team.

  • Across-Industry Experience

    Our experience of working across a variety of multicultural industries gives us an unique expertise. We understand how to talk to many different people: our Marketing messages are tailored to the your target audience.

  • An unique blend of Aesthetics and Science

    As Apple combines software and hardware, we combine Art and Science. We are passionate about our custom designs with solid technical foundation. Nothing substitute caring about what you do.

It's not an accident. Design + Marketing = Success


research and Analysis

We’ll go into more detail about you, your company, your customers, and your business model. We listen to your needs, identify your strengths and areas of opportunity.

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Brand Assessment

This provides an opportunity to evaluate the strength of your brand. We assess how your strategy achieve your desired goals.

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Competitor and niche Comparison

A competitor analysis means knowing your product or service like the back of your hand and stacking that up to rise way above your competition.

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Navigation Flow / Journey Mapping

We carefully explore and craft an amazing customer experience with your brand, your team, and your services. A long term relationship is result of blow them away during their buying journey.

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Responsive Website Progeektech

We focus on finding the best solution, from sharing ideas to critiquing them to discover new concepts. Creativity is our main asset here.

Website Management
Initial Concept

Our initial concept showcases your practice, while addressing the main goals. Here is when our design and Marketing strategy comes to life.

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brand Development

A successful Brand development creates and strengthen the feeling your customers have with your practice.

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Concept Approval

Your input is critical to move along the process. We iterate with valuable changes to achieve the ultimate design fits your goals.

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UI/UX Design

Every button, every image, are like musical notes on a song. We make sure our visual design is beautiful, and serve a meaningful purpose.

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Content Development
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Professional Copy-Writing is used to motivate and sell. We craft our written messages to make sure the content delivers value to your visitors.

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After the UI design has been approved, We will start the Development. Our Geeks take over during this stage.

Page Optimization (SEO)

Everything we do to your website to make it rank at the top of Google so when people are searching for your business, they find you first.
We like to say: You rank, You bank

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Setup includes a solution to measure performance data to gain customer insights. We use that information to adjust our content and strategy towards achieving our goals.

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Multiple tests are performed to evaluate if the changes we are making are causing the effect we desire. This stage can take some time before. Patience and iterations are a must.

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Conversion Tracking
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We track all your marketing channels to figure where your best customers come from. We track phone calls, site visits, sign ups, site clicks, among others. You have access to see key metrics in real-time.

Go Live

We know you're excited to launch. But before you go live, make sure you've covered all your bases,
Connect your domain and WHOOOO!

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What our customers are saying

Silvia Mendez
5 Starts Reviews
Very satisfied with his excellent attention, professionalism and creativity. I definitely recommend it 👍👍
Alejandra Tavera
5 Starts Reviews
We have been working with Progeektech for over 2Years and He Help us with the Re-design of the website, With website SEO and Marketing and since then we've seen over 20 new patients over 90 new leads/ calls per week on average. We've seen much improvement and thank you because  he has done more then what we hope
By Anu.
5 Starts Reviews
Excellent service! We are super happy with our website. Jader is friendly, patient, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He takes the time that most web designers do not and is very responsive to emails and any questions/concerns we've had during the whole process. Thank you Jader! We highly recommend Progeektech!!
By Vahid C.
5 Starts Reviews
Thanks to Yader and His hard work we finally have our site up.It was amazing how helpful this company is while you are working on your site.Great prices and great customer service.You can check our site and you can see the mount of work that was Thanks to Progeektech we have a professional website now.
Vicky Branson
5 Starts Reviews
This is definitely the best place to go to if you need any help with your website. Staff is incredibly helpful and friendly and exceeded expectations. This business really took the time to make sure I was satisfied and saved me so much stress. Highly recommend coming here for any website assistance!
Zach Weiss
5 Starts Reviews
Jader is the best! He was always just a phone call away and was always happy to assist, even when the job was complete. He provided my property management company with an amazing website and we are so excited to show it off. If you're looking for a website designer, look no further. Thank you Jader.