Case Study: Latino American Tax

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Latino American Tax is a full-service tax preparation firm based in Hemet California, USA. They provide individuals and businesses with dedicated tax preparation services.

Latino American Tax preparation faced the challenge of competing with many neightbor competitors and online tax preparation software and struggled to attract new clients and increase revenue. 

Through the implementation of new services, a comprehensive review process, and a focus on expanding their online presence and reputation, Latino American Tax was able to overcome this challenge and see significant growth in new clients and revenue. 

Join us as we explore the specific actions taken, the results achieved, and the valuable lessons that can be learned for any business facing similar challenges."

Project goals and objectives 

The main goal and objective of Latino American Tax owner (Guillermo) were to create an attractive and modern website that would help them reach more potential customers. They wanted a website that was easy to manage optimized for search engine rankings, and professionally showcased their Tax preparation services. 

However the website was just the beginning because other goals and objectives he has are:

  • To generate revenue and profits
  • To establish a strong customer base
  • To build a strong brand
  • To expand the business
  • To innovate and improve products or services
  • To build a system to capture, nurture and manage new leads and clients
  • To achieve a good work-life balance

The challenge

Latino American Tax is a small tax preparation firm that specializes in helping individuals and small business owners with their tax returns. Despite the firm's reputation with more than 18 years and for providing excellent service, it has been struggling to attract new clients and increase revenue. The owners have noticed that many potential clients are choosing other neighbor competitors or switching to use online tax preparation software instead of hiring a professional.

That’s when they decided to partner with Progeektech. Find out how we used our comprehensive Digital Dominance Method to help guillermo to grow their business and double their revenue in just 6 months. 

The Process and Insight

The process began by creating a Tax preparation services website for Latino American Tax with researching best practices and trends in the industry. This included studying existing websites and competitor sites in the area and analyzing customer feedback. 

Image of the old site below

In addition to researching competitive strategies, we also conducted keyword research to find phrases used by potential customers when looking for Tax services. Knowing these keywords allowed us to create content on their website that was more likely to be found by search engines. Furthermore, this insight allowed them to target better Tax relief services which were popular among potential customers, while being mindful of Tax preparation marketing trends.

The solution

To address these challenges, the owners of Latino American Tax decided to focus on differentiating their services from other competitors. The focus is Attract new leads, build trust with potential clients and become the go to in his market. 

They began to offer a free initial consultation to potential clients to assess their tax situation and provide personalized advice. They also began to offer additional services, such as bookkeeping and They also started to offer a guarantee for the accuracy of their work, which helped to attract small business owners. Additionally, they began to do Search engine optimization to get organic clients, Focus on getting new testimonials or client reviews, have a acquisition system to help to manage existing and new clients  and use SMS and email to reach potential clients and to showcase their expertise in tax laws and regulations.

The Results

The Tax preparation marketing website created for Latino American Tax has been a major success. The website’s modern design and easy-to-use interface have made it easier for potential customers to quickly find the Tax services they need without feeling overwhelmed by the process. 

Overall, the new website is visually appealing that met all of their customers needs and help them to standout from the competition.

The implementation of these changes helped to improve the company's reputation and attract new clients who were looking for professional tax preparation services.They have also received many positive reviews from customers who have praised their Tax preparation services.

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As a result, Latino American Tax has seen increased customer engagement, more leads and inquiries, improved search engine rankings, and higher brand visibility. 

The online presence and marketing efforts helped to make the company more visible and attract new clients. As a result, Latino American Tax a 50% increase in new clients within the first year, and increase in revenue. The clients also gave positive feedback about the added services and the guarantee of accuracy, which helped to improve the reputation of the firm.

Client Testimonial

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