How Data Analysis Can Help Small Businesses Grow

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Running a business is not an easy job. There are various tools and gadgets which makes it easy for business owners to run business and acquire the results they want. These tools can be used for every type of business despite the size of the business. The most common tool for data analysis is Google Analytics. Whether your business is online or of a sort of brick and mortar, Google analytics tools are compatible with every sort of business

Let’s have a look at what is Google Analytics for small business and how data analysis can help small businesses grow.

Google Analytics

For a brief period of time, people summed up web traffic as direct or organic. But this is not how it works in the modern world these days. There are more than 2 channels of web traffic and the algorithm installed in the Google Analytics tools determine which visitor come from which source of traffic. To explain it further, here are some sources of web traffic.

  • Direct: The traffic which lands on your website by entering the exact URL is known as the direct traffic source.
  • Social: Any traffic that come son your website through social media networks like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn or any other network is known as the social traffic source.
  • Referral: When traffic comes to your website through a search engine or from another blog website then it is known as the referral traffic source.
  • Organic: Any traffic that ends up on your website without any promotion or payment is called organic traffic.
  • Paid Search: Traffic that lands on your website through paid search engines like Google Adwords or through paid advertisement are a paid source of traffic.
  • Email: Any traffic that ends up on your website through email marketing tag is known as an email traffic source.
  • Other: If the traffic doesn’t fit the above-mentioned profiles then it is recorded in “others” category.

All of the above- mentioned sources of traffic play their part to drive traffic on your website and make a contribution to help small businesses grow.

Tracking Metrics That Matter:

Apart from customers focus, you can spend time on tracking the right metrics that really matter in the growth of small business. It doesn’t matter if you are having a lot of traffic on your website but you are not converting them into a potential customer. You have to track the important metrics to optimize their behavior and compel them to make a purchase. Google Analytics for small business offers many statistics that can help you, but you have to prioritize what is it that can help small businesses grow faster. Two important metrics are mentioned here.

  • Goal Tracking: Surely, everyone has set goals for business but putting them in the website will make the most of it.Set your destination, duration, pages/screens per session, and event goal setup in Google Analytics for small businesses and review them on daily basis
  • E-Commerce Tracking: Although we keep track of our whole online traffic, but we would want to track our profitable customer’s behavior to make smart and data-driven decisions that result in profits.

Helping sales grow

When you have all the data through data analysis then you know how and when to make business decisions. You are given the data in the forms of metrics so make sure you spend the right cost on the advertisement, on conversion of a potential customer and on other decisions to help sales grow.

Unlocking big data

When you unlock big data of Google analytics for small business then it can really help you craft strategies in a much bigger way. With big data, you can make changes and have a good chance to outperform in a competitive market..