Ways to Supercharge Your Website's Conversion Rate

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Online marketing might give you the perception of being relatively easy. However, online businesses face hardship while converting their visitors to sales. No doubt that the appeal of your product increases the willingness of the customer to buy it. However, poor salesperson skills can ruin the company's chance to attain a customer forever. Similar to the poor salesperson's skills, the non-optimized website can also ruin the chance for the sale through websites. Here are some of the proven strategies that can help you in improving the conversion rate of any marketing funnel or e-commerce website.

Build sales funnel

This marketing strategy works likes its name. The top category of a sales funnel represents the largest number of people, whereas the bottom ones represent the smallest number. In order to create your sale funnels, consider these steps:

  • Create a Create landing page:
    Your landing pages give your company's first impression to your potential customer. Make sure, your landing page encourages the visitor to sign up for your website, subscribe to your newsletter, or helps in forming a communication.
  • Addition of front-end offer: While presenting your upsell offers and front end product, make sure you increase the desire of your potential customer. Make sure, you don't let them miss the opportunity to grab the offers provided by your website. This can also be considered as the pre-selling step of your funnel.
  • Up-sell offer on the back end: Offer your customer to attain more beneficial opportunities and services to upgrade their shopping cart. This strategy of up-selling helps in attaining more profit and customer's loyalty.

The last step for building the sale funnel is to follow up with the new customers. Make sure that the customers are happy with the customer services. Another way to attain customer loyalty is consideration of a membership-based rewards program.

Process as simple as possible

The company's progress is not dependent on how much profit is attained so far. The company's success is measured on the basis of how much money it will make in the upcoming year. It is how the growth curves function. So, another way of supercharging your website's conversion rate is to keep the process as simple as possible. Here are some of the ways to improve your communication with your customer along with maintaining a well-designed website:

  • Accessibility: Ensuring the improved accessibility over the various geographical regions is crucial. In case of an inaccessible website, your sales will affect along with reducing your chance of reaching new customers.
  • Browsing: While designing your website, consider various browsers that can be used by your customers. Pay attention to browsers to reduce the chance of broken links and website reach. In this way, you can become capable of increasing 15-20% of sales.
  • Usability: What if your customer wants t to attain more information, further details, and technical specs of your product? Make sure you provide adequate details along with pictures and sale patterns to increase the usability for your potential customer.

Make guarantees, reviews and testimonials easily visible

Through reviews and testimonials, you can use your existing customers to sale for you. This is no persuasion in the animated video, pleasing designs and sale copy like a genuine review. Reviews and testimonials are social proof for your potential customer to avoid scam and fraud. Make sure that the reviews based on your website are easily visible. Business written reviews, customer written testimonials, and screenshots from social media platforms add to the increasing like ability of your new customer to buy your product. Another way to attract your customer is through ensuring that any guarantee that comes along with your product is visible to increase the sale.

Place your call-to-action (CTA) directly in front of your visitors

Communication is the key when it comes to the web-based sale of your product. To ensure a better conversion, there is excessive need of placing a call to action on your website. Conversion, business, profit, and revenue are entirely dependent on the CTA. Consider the addition of CTA on various positions such as pop-ups, slide-ins, purchase pages, in ads, end of the post, end of the webpage, and persistent headers. The CTA is meant to entice your potential customer to take specific action to reach you. Make sure your CTA is well-placed along with being persuasive, creative, and compelling. The CTA is entirely dependent on your selection of the placement, design, and text as well. Here is how you can place your call to actions in front of your customer.

  • Have multiple CTAs: The more CTAs, the more the chance of the customer to reach you.
  • CTAs on every page: Make sure your CTAs are placed on every page, so it increases the chance of your customer to reach you.
  • Prominent CTAs: Make sure the CTAs are attaining maximum visual focus and attention through considering ticks like user scan pages etc.

Be straightforward and transparent

Your website should be impressive however, there should not be any sugarcoating. Make sure your customers become aware of your delivery process, sales, and policies. Your content should be original, to the point, and concise at the same time. Make sure you are transparent and straightforward so that you can avoid any confusion. Help the user trust you through your return policies and guarantees. Make sure you help them in identifying the right payment method. Make sure you ensure your customer about the security of their confidential information. Help them in tracking their order. Give them the dispatching information. Consider various tactics in terms of content and design to improve the transparency of your services.

Help others solve problems to build authority

Authority building is crucial to improve the website's conversion rate. It is important to aid others over a consistent period. For this purpose, share valuable content to attain a positive image through online forums. The thing with this strategy is that it is really slow, however, it is beneficial when done genuinely.