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Done for You!

This is a Service done for you. So you can keep your eye in your business, while we help you promoting your products and services Online.

Really Affordable

For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy the work of a dream team of marketing professionals without having to grow your payroll.

Tailored to Your Business

Every one of our solutions are custom fit to meet your specific needs. We develop an unique marketing plan fit to your business' needs.

This is for you if...

Let's make sure you are in the right place and this information is relevant to you.

This service is for established business that:


You already have a business with products and services for sale.


You want to get more qualified prospects ready to buy from you…


You want to grow your business from $10K to $100K/month in new business.


You want to sell more of your products and services online…

What you will get:

Showcase Your Business

Here is how we will get you a Brand New Business Website:

FREE Website Design

I will design a 5-pages website for Free.
My expense, just to win you as a new customer.

Content Migration

I will migrate the content from your old website to this new one -no down time needed.

Copywriting Refresh

I will have a professional direct response Copywriter refresh your website copy to increase conversions.

25 Professional Pictures

I will provide a set of 25 brand new professional pictures for your website at no extra cost.

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Now, Let's Make Some Noise

Here we will get your website known around the web:

Rank Essential SEO

To help increase your ranking on Google searches, I’m including Essential On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Local Business Citations

I will add monthly local business citations to create more authority on your local market.

Premium Hosting with SSL

I will include the hosting, SSL Certificate without getting into any of the technical jargon unless you want me to.

Website Management

I will manage your website's technical aspects of the back end for a full year.

Social Media Banners

To give your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube business page that real WOW factor, our web designers can custom-design professional banners to encourage more action on your social media page and maintain your messege and brand consistency.

365 Live Chat Ready

Live chat inter phase ready to connect with your customers 365 days per 24/7 (unless you set it up to your hours of operation.) Chat with your customers live without leaving your website.

Don't Miss
This Huge Bonuses
1-on-1 Support for a Whole Year
I will provide 1-on-1 Support for a whole year (1 hr. per month to support any of your marketing efforts.)
Ad Campaign in Google’s Display Network
I will create, monitor and optimize one Ad Campaign to help  you to create traffic (Ad spend is not included)
Landing Page with a Capture Form
I will design and implement a landing page with a capture form so you can send your traffic to one page highly optimized for capturing new prospects right away.
Custom Domain Implementation
I will add a Custom Domain Implementation to the mix. Either I will use a domain you own or get a brand new one for you.
Facebook Pixel Implementation
I will install your Facebook Pixel so you can track all your website visitors using Facebook’s social graph.
Google Analytics Tracking Code
I will install your Google Analytics Tracking Code to collect all the data for your advertising campaigns.
Google My Business Account Setup
I will setup your Google My Business account to drive customer engagement in search and maps.
Focus on improving your business online
What benefit will bring to my business if I improve my internet marketing?

Increase leads, sales, donations, and more

Attract and convince your ideal customers

Tell engaging stories about your brand and product

Identify sections that hold the greatest opportunities

Ease audiences away from resistance and doubt

Inspire your audience and move them to take action

What Our Client Say?

"Jader took the impossible and made a clear timeline and set an easy path for us to redefine who we are as a company and how the website should feel."
Nate Brubaker
Rock Shore Media
"The whole process was seamless and one of total collaboration with my satisfaction always the #1 priority."
Michael W Highsmith
Robert Mondavi Winery
“This is the best experience I have had in 4 years..”
Alexandre Ab
Gains Investment Group

Here are some samples

Real state Template
Tax Pro Template


Cleaning services Template


Home Remodeling website


Tax Pro Template


Cleaning services Template


Home Remodeling website


I'm Jader

It was the Summer of 2013 when I lost my corporate job after 13 years of hard work. I carried myself down to try to find another job, but I succumbed to the pressure of life balance and survival.

Long story short, three months passed very quickly, and I couldn’t land another job. I started getting late on paying my bills.

I ended up getting my car repossessed, I got evicted from my apartment, and my marriage cave under the pressure. All this happen like in slow motion.

All the sudden, I became a homeless unemployed single-parent. During the struggle, I was trying to figure how to take care of my two kids, make ends meet, and get back to my feet financially.

One day, there as I lay, fearfully thinking & praying. I just got up and decided to take control of the situation. I didn’t know how, but I promised myself I wouldn’t give up.

I needed it to start from where I was at. The only capital I had was my computer and my brain. I started researching on the Internet.

Borrow some money to buy some courses on Web Design, Marketing and Business. I spent hundreds of hours learning from the best in the industry.

I also learned UI/UX design, Branding, Consulting and Internet Marketing. As I was learning, I started to help small business grow their businesses.

Now today I truly enjoy partner with amazing people around the world to grow their companies. and able to take care on my boys at the same time.

I love what I do so much, that this has become my lifestyle now. Day to day I keep specializing on using the power of the internet to increase small businesses revenue. I appreciate all the trust my customers continue giving me.

It is big a responsibility to work with someone else business, brand, and revenue. I take this responsibility as serious as my own. I am a talented Internet marketing entrepreneur, and my passion is to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Jader Gil

Founder of Progeektech

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal in a nutshell:

I will design your website, host it, do the copywriting, new images, custom domain, essential SEO, Google and Facebook integrations, capture landing page, with support, training, and a display ad campaign.

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Website Management

Content Migration

1-on-1 Support for a Whole Year

Copywriting Refresh

google display Ad Campaign

25 Professional Pictures

Landing Page with a Capture Form

Rank Essential SEO

Custom Domain Implementation

Local Business Citations

Facebook Pixel Implementation

Premium Hosting with SSL

Google my business & Analytics setup 

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Here is my bulletproof Guarantee:If we don’t deliver a website that is multiple times better of whatever traffic and conversions you have in place now, WE WILL RETURN YOUR MONEY BACK TWICE, no questions asked.