Good CEO Losses to Bad CEO with Google Ads

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Even after years of being immerse in online marketing, landing pages, ad campaigns, and so forth, it stills amazes me how by just pressing a button, I can make people read my marketing content, visit a website, buy the products and services we are promoting.

This is from the comfort of my desk, without talking to anybody, without asking for permission, nor doing any considerable physical effort. I can reach almost anyone i the internet anywhere at any time using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube. Not only that, but I can also follow them (sometimes it feels like stalking) using retargeting.

Imagine the enormous advantage a CEO has using this such powerful tools to promote his/her business, products, services, job openings, or any initiative to advance his marketing and revenue efforts.

How many Lead Generation strategies and systems do you have in place that consistently generate new business for you?

For many businesses, the answer to this question is directly related to their bank account balance.

Many small business owners are recognizing the opportunity and trying to get on board. Unfortunately, the chances of finding a capable team of professionals in the first try, are almost none. With so many so-called Digital Marketers out there, they end up bleeding money while kissing frogs during their quest.

How does it look when a professional team is on board?

A couple of days ago I received some pictures from one of my customers,

We have been working together for some time now, and she was cutting the ribbon to a brand-new facility 3X larger than the one she had before. I’m very proud of helping her business growing fast with all the work we have been doing lately.

Here is her dashboard, last year we sent her 1,420 new qualified leads.

What 1,420 New Leads Can Do For Your Business in 2020?

That Averages More Than 27 Leads Every Single Week!

These are targeted local prospects calling to book appointments. In her case, dental appointments. I want to show you how what we did to get this kind of numbers and how you can also implement this in your business.

First, we established some short-term goals that made sense for the initial stage. It was critical to consistently get leads. So, we implement a Google Ads campaign right away.

As we started to get some results, and working with the budget available, we focused on redesigning the website.

We implemented an online scheduling system, so the customers to book their appointments directly from the website.

We also setup a call tracking system, to keep in check with the sales script and the conversions.

Right after, we also put in place a Retargeting Campaign. In case you aren’t familiar, the retargeting is the type of campaigns used to follow the customers after they visit your website but haven’t purchased just yet. We keep presenting messages and offers across the web to encourage them to come back and buy.

That helped us increase conversions and stretch the marketing dollars.

While we keep getting feedback from our target market, we started to work on SEO, you know to rank the website in the first positions in Google.

We targeted multiple keywords and phrases the ideal customers use when they search in Google. So, we organically position the website in the first position in search results. So that brings organic traffic which is in essence free leads from Google.

Here we kind of geek our way into gaining some serious advantage over our competitors. At this point, we understand the Google and other search engines algorithms so well, that we can rank on top of many multi-million-dollar companies. Many of them still using old SEO technique, that are no longer effective.

Well, making the story short, we combined 2 sources of leads Paid Advertisement and SEO-based traffic.

Now that she went form 4 chairs to 12 chairs, I’m excited because this year we are going to be ramping up these number to fill her new capabilities. We probably will add some other lead channels to create more opportunities and continue steadily growing.

This is possibly the best part of it, we design these marketing systems that can be fine-tuned to send you the right amount of business that is convenient for you level of growth.

If you are really interested in getting more qualified prospects to grow your company, you need to implement reliable marketing systems, There is not way around it.

Now, even when this strategy can work for most businesses, there are few scenarios our model is not the best. We need to make sure the business can handle the extra volume and that follow-up and customer service is a good fit.

For most traditional businesses, our solution can attract customers to buy products, visit a particular location online of offline, schedule appointments, or any other marketing goal we set our mind on.

If you have a business, and need to increase the number of sales, go ahead and schedule your Free Discovery Session, we will take a close look at your case.

If we see that we can help you growing your numbers considerably, we will let you know. If not, at least we can refer you to a most favorable route, in both cases you win, we either help you or show you your best options.

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go ahead and schedule your FREE Discovery Session, there plenty to win and few to lose…

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