Team Collaboration: Key to Project Success

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of work is changing. There is a growing trend of employees working remotely. Companies are starting to realize the benefits of having a remote workforce.

And because of this, we've had to get creative with the way we communicate and collaborate with our coworkers. Collaboration is especially important in the world of websites.

Note that websites are the point of convergence for stakeholders and contributors. Designers, developers, content strategists, marketing teams— it seems like everyone has a role to play in the development and growth of a website. 

The good news is that working with teams remotely in Webflow just got much easier and smoother to create a Webflow website.

Webflow Workspaces for Project Collaboration and Project Management

Webflow workspaces are here to make teamwork simplified. They streamline how you build and expand your teams in Webflow. Plus, workspaces introduce brand-new publishing permissions and billing to let you manage how the assigned tasks get carried out across your team.

Webflow has combined team and individual account plans into a Workspace plan to make building, expanding, and adjusting your team within Webflow easier. The unified plan enables you to grow from a team of one or three to any size you need optimally. 

What does this mean for everyone that is new to the platform? Well, they start out in a free Workspace plan and can add people or upgrade as needed. Hence, you will never need an independent Team account and transfer websites over or address the laborious account setup.

As you design and build more websites and need to add more people, you can always upgrade to a Core Workspace. This plan unlocks billing permissions, opens up at least ten free unhosted sites, and has about three seats.

And as your Webflow Design Agency team expands, you can subscribe to a Growth Workspace to earn access to new publishing permissions for both per-site guest editors and teammates. On top of that, you can allow team growth and remove the free site limit.

While Your Teammate builds, Edit Content in The Webflow Designer

The ability to make changes or modifications simultaneously with your teammates is an essential element of collaboration. What it does is allow the team to get the work done twice as fast.

So, when you open the Webflow Designer and see another person working on the project, you won't be prohibited or locked out. Instead, you can edit content while your teammate is building.

Here's what you can generally do:

  • Edit images and text on the canvas.
  • Edit Webflow CMS content.
  • Export and import CMS products and content.
  • Manage Webflow ecommerce.
  • Organize, upload, and download assets.
  • Open Graph metadata and edit SEO.

Easily Hand Over Controls to Project Teams

Now that you can work with multiple people in the Designer together, Webflow has launched a new workflow that allows coworkers to request control of the Webflow Designer. If you're the one with design control or the project manager, and someone else requests it, a notification will appear in the top right corner of the Designer. You can either accept or deny the request.

Once the request is granted, you can stay in the Designer. However, all you can do is edit content. You won't be able to build new pages or edit styles until you take the design control again.

This new workflow ensures that everyone is always on the same page and helps avoid those pesky web design control disputes.

Live Syncing of Content Changes in A Project Team

If you or a teammate make changes to the content now, it will immediately be updated in all live sessions. So, if you update the homepage layout and one of your team members updates the page headline, you'll see it in your Designer session right away. Changes made in the Editor will also be instantly visible in all open Designer sessions.

See Where Your Teammates Are Working

At the top of the Webflow Designer, you can now see who else is presently working on the same page as you and who is working on the project. Having this transparency and visibility undoubtedly boosts confidence and provides greater comfort.


Webflow has announced a number of new features and changes, all designed to make building and collaborating on websites easier. The main changes include a unified account plan, the ability to work with multiple people in the Designer together, and live syncing of content changes. These collaborative tools and changes should make it easier for Webflow Experts to work together on a single project and get their work done more efficiently.

What do you think of these new changes? Let us know in the comments.