How Can A Collaborator Access the Webflow project to Make Changes?

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As a Webflow design agency or development agency, we often get asked how collaborators can access the Webflow editor to make changes or add content to Webflow websites or in a blog post. This is a question that we hear frequently, and it's one that many business owners find confusing.

  • If you create or join a Team Account, collaborate with other designers on the same projects or any website within your group.
  • If you have a CMS site plan, You can invite at least three people to your individual Webflow Project.
  • On the other hand, if you add a Business Site plan to your Team Project, you can invite at least ten collaborators. If you wish to add more collaborators to your project, you may need to pay $5 per person per month.

So, how exactly do collaborators access the Webflow editor? Here's how:

Add collaborators in your Webflow Website Project settings

Go to the site's project settings, click the Editor tab, and select the plus sign to add a new Collaborator. In the Collaborators area, type in the email address of the person you want to invite, and then invite them. The invited collaborator will then get an email notification that includes instructions on how to join your site as a Collaborator.

Webflow Project Settings
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The collaborators you invite (e.g., a content writer) can access the Webflow Editor to make changes, particularly the content or add/replace content. Still, they cannot view or edit your website's published settings. If you want someone to have full Webflow site editing permissions, you'll need to add them as an Administrator instead. Administrators can also create and manage new users in your account.

Invite collaborators on a white-labeled Webflow CMS Editor

So if you have a Lite or Pro account, You can invite collaborators, content writers and business owners who want to manage their content on a white-labeled website and CMS Editor. Before you add them as collaborator, add or replace your Webflow agency logo under the editor and scroll down to branding. This establishes an identity that reflects quality workmanship or branding strategies backbone.

Webflow CMS

Access the Editor from the live site

Collaborators must already have a username and password by sending an invitation from the steps above and establish a confirmation link in the email.

They can access the Webflow website's Editor by including “?edit” at the end of their website URL in the browser address bar (e.g., Moreover, they can access the Editor by clicking the “Edit site” button in the bottom right corner of the window screen.

Take note that the Editor account is different from your Webflow account. If you're a Webflow site owner, you'll need to use your Dashboard, project settings, or Designer to get there.

Editor accounts are ideal for clients who need to make changes or add content regularly. If your collaborators only need to access the site's Editor occasionally, you can assign them with a Viewer account instead.

Invite designers to access your Webflow project

Another option is to create a team account, a team account allows you to work collaboratively with other Webflow users from a shared dashboard. Anyone with a Webflow account, regardless of whether they're in a pay or free forever plan, can be added to the team and granted access to your team dashboard as well has the ability to make any changes to the design and work with other designers on the same projects.

The first step is to create a team, Go to “Account” image icon in the top right corner

Webflow Setting
  • Fill in your team information
  • Select the monthly or yearly billing frequency
  • Choose your plan (the number of users you need)
  • Add your Team billing information (This is different from your Individual plan billing info)

Lastly, invite members, go to Account > Teams > Choose your team. Under the Overview tab → Invite members section, type in the email address of the person you want to invite and invite them to the team.


Collaborators will be able to add and edit text, images, web design, videos, forms, and custom code. They'll also be allowed to create new pages or delete existing ones that drag your ranking in search engines. Collaboration in Webflow is a great way of building your website with the help of other Webflow designers or web designers. It's an excellent tool you can use for projects in your long-established or new company where you need assistance or just want to share ideas and get feedback. If you have other questions, contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you create your perfect website.