Case Study - The Momentum

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The Momentum began as a small-scale team of advertising and marketing business owners, born from a shift in the tides. This group of visionaries, driven by enthusiasm and moved by the environment, pooled their resources to design a unique space devoted to sustainability.

As a publication that places authenticity first, The Momentum has carved out a space for itself. Their team of writers, farmers, activists, environmental groups, and designers have entirely reimagined what it means to publish with a mission by giving changemakers a voice at the table.

Understanding the business

Business Goals

The primary objectives of The Momentum were to construct a website that reflected its vision and beliefs. They desired a website that would be simple to maintain to stay up with the rapidly changing sustainability industry. Additionally, they needed create a better layout and filter to display their content organized. 

Business challenges (problems)

Momentum’s biggest challenge was creating a website to house content, sustain readership, and scale their publications. Since they had limited resources and manpower, the team needed an efficient solution to facilitate growth partnering with a knowledgeable and experience webflow design agency.

Their needs

The Momentum collaborated with our Webflow development agency to build a custom Webflow website to help address these issues. To make it simple for readers of The Momentum to access information,showcase sponsor event, and showcase feature stories, our teams created a distinctive user experience by implement unique custom CMS content filters. We also assisted them in maintaining uniformity in their material by implementing automated workflow procedures. Finally, our team provides 30 days support to ensure their website operates at its best.

Interface inspirations

Creative direction

The Progeektech team was charged with developing detail but user-friendly website design that would instantly interest participants. We used a simple interface that prioritized readability and navigational simplicity to do this. The team also included several features to improve the user experience.

The team used a consistent color scheme throughout the design and carefully selected font and visual components to ensure The Momentum brand was prominently displayed on all website pages. Every page received meticulous attention to detail to build a captivating visitor environment. 

Creating the systems (Sitemap)

The group produced a meticulously planned sitemap that considers the general layout of The Momentum's website. This made it simple for visitors to navigate between sites and get what they were looking for. We also included search engine optimization in the design to improve the site's exposure, rating, and organic traffic. 

Exploring solutions

Our webflow development agency thoroughly research and compare several options to find the one that best met The Momentum's needs. We were able to create a comprehensive solution that was strong, incredibly practical, and aesthetically pleasing by utilizing our industry knowledge. Additionally, we gave the team any necessary strategic direction and recommendations on enhancing their website's UX/UI design. We wanted to ensure that The Momentum's readers would like and find the website helpful. 

We created a CMS content structure and workflow processes specifically tailored to meet their needs. This allowed them to keep up with rapidly changing sustainability trends without investing too much time or labor into managing the website daily.

Visual design guidelines

We focused on developing a visually appealing website for The Momentum that enhanced the user experience and allowed them to customize their page as needed. Our team applied strong visual design guidelines throughout the website, considering functionality and aesthetics. We used different graphic elements like illustrations, icons, photographs, videos, etc., to give it a distinct look. We also paid extra attention when choosing color palettes and typography to give visitors a pleasant experience.

The result was an attractive and interactive website that conveyed the message of sustainability while still providing users with helpful navigation tools. This compelling combination of visuals and interactivity is one of the keys to creating a successful website design.

Outcome moving to Webflow

Before and After

Before transitioning to Webflow, The Momentum had a static website that lacked interactivity. With the help of our webflow design agency, we quickly created an aesthetically pleasing, modern website with custom CMS filter and layout structure, On top of that, all pages are now search engine optimized and user-friendly.

The result is a website with a consistent visual appeal and simple navigation that make it easy for visitors to find what they want. Momentum can focus on its mission while engaging more users online. This improved user experience will have lasting positive effects on this organization's growth and development.

After the Launch

After Momentum's website built on Webflow went live, Progeektech provide maintenance and support until the website was ready to lauched. 

  • Marketing director was able to add, remove or update content without the need of a developer
  • They were able to place content across the site more organized and intentional to their target audience
  • Help to improved customer journey 
  • Increase they organic traffic
  • Able to showcase sponsor content much more effectively
  • Show case all their content very organized



Momentum's website is now live and generating traffic for readers and potential customers. The website design has been exceptionally well received, thanks you for the momentum leaders and team for the opportunity to work with us. Our webflow design agency is proud to have helped The Momentum achieve its goal of providing a simple and enjoyable user experience for visitors. 

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