Case Study - Amplifying ClearPath Energy's leads and empowering their marketing team

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ClearPath Energy is a leading renewable energy firm located in New York. They were looking for a webflow design and development agency to update their website and ensure it had an attractive, modern design that was easy to use for their customers.

After researching several webflow design agencies, ClearPath and Progeektech were a good fit to partner in this project. At first, they hired us to handle the website and logo, but then, two months down the road, they asked us to step in and assist with their lead generation efforts. To meet all their needs, we went above and beyond. We provided a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Customised webflow design & development: We designed and developed a custom webflow site tailored to ClearPath’s requirements. This included creating bespoke visual elements such as logo design, page layouts, and navigation structures to give their customers an intuitive user experience.
  • Lead acquisition system: We integrate a custom CRM We’ve built out a custom backend CRM, we’ve integrated lead tracking, and worked hand in hand to develop effective, responsive customer communication flows.
  • SEO implementation: To ensure that ClearPath had a robust online presence, we implemented various SEO strategies such as keyword research and link building. These tactics helped increase their search engine rankings to reach a wider audience.
  • Strategic content creation: We wrote engaging website content that was informative and persuasive. This included product descriptions, customer reviews, and success stories to communicate ClearPath’s message and drive conversions effectively.

Our work with ClearPath resulted in a high-quality webflow design optimized for performance and usability. Not only did it look great, but it also functioned smoothly on all devices. ClearPath can now showcase its products and services effectively, thus increasing customer engagement and conversions. 

Understanding the business

Business Goals

The main goal was to create a website that could easily showcase ClearPath Energy’s products and services while increasing customer engagement and conversions. Additionally, the website must be optimized for all devices to provide an optimal user experience.

Another goal was to Drive Conversions: One of the website's primary goals is to convert visitors into their grid of subscribers and Generate Leads for landowners, capturing contact information from visitors interested in leasing their land for solar grids that can benefit the landowners and community. 

They envision a future where their company provides this possibility to every door nationwide because they believe every house, business, and community can participate in the renewable energy revolution.

Business challenges (problems)

The team at ClearPath Energy faced several challenges when it came to web design and development. Here are a few of the problems they encountered:

  • Difficulty finding an experienced webflow design agency: ClearPath needed a provider with experience in designing & developing custom websites using Webflow but could not find the right fit for their project.
  • Lack of technical knowledge: Their team did not have enough technical expertise to design & develop a website from scratch.
  • Unclear user experience: The existing website was outdated and lacked clarity regarding navigation, visuals, and content – making it difficult for customers to understand what ClearPath offers.

Interface Inspirations

Creative direction

We took inspiration from modern web technologies and created a visually appealing and functional design. Our main goal was to create an intuitive user experience, which we achieved by implementing clear navigation structures, engaging visuals, and persuasive content. We also used UI/UX best practices to ensure the website had a consistent look & feel across all devices.

The result was an optimized website that provided customers with an exceptional user experience – allowing them to browse ClearPath’s products & services easily.

Creating the systems (Sitemap)

We created a sitemap to ensure all the necessary pages were included in the website. We worked closely with ClearPath Energy to develop a clear structure that allowed customers to easily find what they were looking for. This also enabled us to provide an optimal user experience, even on mobile devices.

Exploring solutions

After identifying, we determined that Webflow was the ideal platform to meet ClearPath Energy's specific requirements and create an optimal website solution for them. It could help us deliver a high-quality website. 

  • Research competitions: Researching the competition is critical for creating a website. It helps give insights into what works and what doesn't in terms of design, content, visuals, navigation structures, and more. Before building ClearPath Energy's website, we took the time to analyze their competitors' websites for inspiration. This allowed us to create a unique design that stood out from the crowd while still being intuitive and easy to use for customers. We also identified any potential areas of improvement – such as bug fixes or usability issues – that we could address in our design.
  • Capture samples and website styles: Capturing samples and website styles is integral to the design process. We gathered examples from other websites within the same industry as ClearPath Energy to understand better what works best. This included studying page layouts, navigation structures, content formats, and visuals. By doing this research beforehand, we created a design consistent with the industry standards while still being unique to ClearPath Energy's brand identity.
  • Look for inspiration to help to get the design idea: We also looked to other sources of inspiration when creating the website for ClearPath Energy. We explored design trends, collected visuals from photography and illustrations, researched color palettes, and studied typography styles. This helped us create an impressively modern and eye-catching design while still being easy to use for customers.

​Overall, working with ClearPath Energy was a great success for our team as a webflow development agency. We provided the necessary solutions and created a visually appealing, intuitive, optimized website for all devices. We look forward to continuing to work with ClearPath Energy in the future!

Visual design stage

We also developed visual design guidelines to ensure consistency across all the pages. This included typography, color palette, logo usage, and style. We also designed a custom visuals mockup for each page that fit the brand of ClearPath Energy. 

We delivered the first draft for feedback and revisions and adjusted for the final design. Additionally, we created unique visuals that encapsulated their brand's spirit and gave it a contemporary appearance and feel. We examined the website across all devices to ensure clients would have an incredible user experience on any device.

Outcome moving to Webflow

The result was a website that significantly improved the customer experience – ClearPath Energy’s customers could now easily access their products & services. 

Before, the navigation structure was confusing and lacked modern visuals. After switching to Webflow, customers could quickly find what they were looking for due to clear navigation structures, engaging visuals, and persuasive content.

Overall, we delivered a custom website using Webflow that met all of ClearPath Energy’s needs. With our technical knowledge and creative direction, we delivered a high-quality website that optimized the user experience on any device.

After the Launch

After the website's launch, it was clear that our efforts had paid off. Customers could quickly and easily find what they were looking for on the website due to its optimized structure. Additionally, we worked on search engine optimization and quickly stared generating more organic traffic.

We also provided ongoing maintenance and support services like bug fixes and feature updates. This ensured that ClearPath Energy’s customers had a superior experience while browsing their website – regardless of any changes or updates made to the platform.

Overall, Our partnership with ClearPath Energy was a phenomenal success! We not only generated high-quality leads that filled up their grid in each of their targeted locations, but we also seamlessly transferred the website to their marketing team. Now, they have full control to manage and update it without relying on our agency or a developer.


Read what Emily said:

"We initially came to Yader and progeektech for a simple website and logo design. Two months later we’ve extended our contract and added to it numerous times. We’ve built out a custom backend CRM, we’ve integrated lead tracking and worked hand in hand to develop effective responsive customer communication flows. The designs are crisp, elevated and professional.

Honestly I’m hesitant to submit this review publicly because selfishly we want Yader and progreektech in-house with our company. but…. I absolutely have to review him for everyone’s reference because he’s the best at what he does and anyone who works with him with benefit.

I’ve built consumer facing websites and apps before and never have I worked with someone as knowledgeable, communicative and effective at completing the job and meeting deadlines as Yader.  So much of the tech world can be confusing and backwards to non-technical founders, entrepreneurs and businesses - however he does a fantastic job at not just showing you how something will work but why.

You will feel like you have a CTO, you will feel like you have a tech lead, and a tech team. I cannot possibly emphasize enough how critical Yader and progeektech was to the core value of our company’s product offering.  If you’re on the fence, don’t be. He’s one of the safest bets you can make for your business."


We take great pride in the accomplishments we have made for ClearPath Energy. Through our collaboration, they have a cutting-edge website that meets customers' expectations and offers a top-notch user experience on all devices. We look forward to maintaining our partnership with them and assisting them in their future success. 

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