Avoid these 5 tricky SEO mistakes

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SEO writing has become very popular these days. With blogs and web developing content, it is no doubt that SEO has become an important factor to rank your content on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This SEO ranking can be very useful for branding and marketing purpose. So many people have been publishing content on their websites and earning through it. It is effective and precise when you enter your keyword search on any search engine.

What is SEO? (For beginners)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process by which any website can get visibility on the top pages of any search engines. People use paid and unpaid methods to maximize their website’s visibility. This process is believed to be organic and effective in so many ways.

There are some guide lines to do it right otherwise all your creative content will all be wasted. Fort hose who have just started SEO writing, there are some common mistakes which must be avoided to rank your content on top. In this article, we have pointed out 5 tricky SEO mistakes that must be avoided. Have a look:

1.     Use of duplicate content

There is a big NO to duplicate content when it comes to SEO based writing. Many beginners have made the mistake of duplicating content from other websites to their own which is the main reason their content doesn’t receive the optimum top ranking. Google, being the most popular search engine, categorizes the content on your website. Google chooses the relevant links by analyzing the quality and number of links on that page by other web pages. If that content is creative, original,and valuable to Google’s traffic then Google will rank it among the top searches. But if your content is duplicated and doesn’t offer much information against the popular keyword searches, then your content will have a lower ranking.

Also, when you are taking content directly from a website as it is, it is plagiarism. Plagiarism is not creativity and many websites with duplicate content have been sued or blocked. For your website SEO, you need unique, creative, and quality content regarding your topic. Here are basics on which you need to develop your SEO based content.

  • You should be writing the content related to your topic.
  • The SEO content could be written in a way that informs its reader, what is it about.
  • Write what your audience wants you to write. Smartly target your audience.
  • Make your content well-structured and engaging. Use multiple headings, points, pictures, and videos to make it easy to read and eye-catching.
  • Use the right information, spellings, and grammar.

2.     Use of low-quality backlinks

Another big mistake that so many beginners make is the usage of low-quality backlinks. In SEO based writing, there are inbound and outbound links in your content which play an important role to gather people’s attention on your website. Inbound links are different topic related links from your website whereas the outbound links will lead to other websites. For successful SEO content, you need both. This will make the user check out the other links on your website and eventually the user will spend more time on your website. What most new people do is using weak or low-quality links that lower your trustflow. These backlinks either don’t open properly, are from spam site or the person hasn’t put them in the content correctly. This makes your SEO content low ranked.

For SEO backlinks, there are two popular terms Black Hat and White Hat. Black Hat refers to those who will do SEO aggressively by the book, using tactics and techniques, but without considering the human audience. On the other hand, White Hat refers to a more realistic approach where SEO tactics and techniques are used according to the need of a human audience. One must do the proper backlinking by using the right tools and right websites

3.     Not enough knowledge of website development

Although these days, developing a website through WordPress, Webflow and self-build like Wix is a piece of cake but still, you have got to be smarter to use your resources to make your website SEO friendly. These days, everyone owns a smartphone and creating a website that is mobile-friendly and SEO friendly is the ultimate goal. Just making a website which has limited features, low backlinks, and no response will never get the ranking among the top five Google searches. Avoid making this mistake and develop your website with multiple features so that it is compatible with different media devices. Make your website responsive with actions like chat, help, or review to make it an interactive website. If you don’t know how to add these features, then get help and make it better.

4.      Not including social media icons

Social media is mainstream. Everything goes through social media these days and it is very popular for SEO based content. But it can only work if you added the features to share the content directly to social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make it easy for your audience to be able to share your website content on social media as it will also help you in getting more traffic which will be a good thing for your website ranking. People mostly share useful and high-quality stuff to create good SEO content.

5.      Keyword stuffing

Stuffing too many keywords in one phrase or paragraph could also be bad for your website because it will stuff too many things in one article. The users want an easy and comprehensive read, they don’t want to find different things in all-in-one writing. Google has strict rules and analytics,if you don’t follow them, you will risk google penalties. Use proper keywords throughout your content.


Usually, people make these common mistakes, but different people can make different mistakes so be sure to learn the SEO properly from someone who is experienced. Surely, at the start, you can make a few mistakes but if you have passion, you can eventually make yourself better.