9 effective ways how to convert visitors into customers

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You don’t only need a strategy to convert your website visitors into customers, but you also require thorough testing. Here it is important to state that each website has a unique audience that’s why you can’t completely rely on others’experiences. All you need is a better start and then extensive testing to boost the conversion rate. It is essential to convert visitors into customers or else your business will not earn money.

Traffic doesn’t matter without conversions

It is worthless to get huge traffic unless and until you monetize it. What if five thousand visitors visit your website daily but they don’t buy your services or product? Of course, that would be disappointing and a failure of your business.If you are in business to earn huge profits, then you need to take some steps to convert your site visitors into customers.

The conversion has two types. One refers to the conversion of visitors into a lead and the other refers to the conversion of lead into a customer. The second type of conversion is more important as it helps generate sales for your business.But what to do to get it done? Well! Here we have listed 9 effective ways to convert your website visitors into customers. Let’s have a look.

1.      Segment your audience

Majority of the business owners prefer having landing pages and email lists. But you need to remain one step ahead by segmenting your audience. People visiting your website belong to different segments. Like some of them will be the first-time visitors whereas others will be returning customers who have already subscribed your email list. Each subscriber will have different wants and needs and may fall at different spots on the sales funnel. Prefer considering the behavior of audience to segment them. For instance, offering discounts to social media audience in accordance with their needs to increase the conversion rate.

2.      Improve your pitch

An elevator pitch works the best in digital marketing as it is more beneficial than long pitches. Just identify what works best for your target audience. Like you can compare the conversion rates of a long or short-form landing page with the help of A/B testing. Identify the pitch that works for your audience on the basis of A/B testing and then implement it in your marketing strategy.

3.      Showoff case studies, testimonials, and social proof

Showoff your proof of testimonials, social following, and case studies to your website visitors. For instance, you can let your customers know how many customers are getting benefits from your products or services. Show the name of companies that trusted your products or services. You can also post the reviews of your customers on the website along with their testimonials. Don’t forget to show the list of high-profile clients. If a renowned individual has tried your product or service and is satisfied with the experience, then do mention it on your website home page and landing pages. All these proofs can play a great role in convincing your visitors to convert.

4.      Offer free trials

Provide the opportunity of free trials to your customers so that they can try your Product/service before the actual purchase. There are several benefits ofoffering free trials, including:

  •  consumers can test different competitors to find the best among them
  •  businesses can show faith in their products
  • consumers know they are not bound to make a commitment
  •  consumers will purchase the product/service if he gets satisfied

5.      Use re-marketing

It is not worthless to spend some money if you want to convert your site visitors into customers. Sometimes, you get useful information from your paid ads that help make your non-paid marketing more effective. Re-marketing ads targets those customers who have already come across to your website. For example, a customer may have discovered your blog posts through a Google search. After that, he visits to twitter and sees your product/service ad. Re-marketing ads can be run through different channels. So, you need to conduct a test to find the best one.

6.      Test exit intent popups

Exit intent popup will appear when a visitor wants to leave your website and click on the "X" button. You can test exit-intent popups for your website to keep visitors stick around. This popup will act as a lead magnet. Make sure to test different factors for the exit-intent popups via A/B test. Simply offer your visitors a reason to stay.

7.      Spy-on your users’ mouse movements

These days, you can get a mouse recorder to record the mouse movement of your site visitors. You can have an idea about consumer behavior and liking via mouse recorder. You can learn what visitors like about your site and what they don’t like. With this record, you can optimize your website accordingly.

8.      Optimize your landing pages

Majority of the conversions take place on landing pages. You can utilize these pages to persuade visitors to subscribe to your email list, begin a free trial, or purchase your most recent service or product. Consider the demographics,objectives, pain points, and motivators of your audience and then optimize your landing pages accordingly.

9.      Use email marketing sequences for those who don’t convert

What if a visitor likes your product and inquiry about it from your sales executive but doesn’t purchase it? Well! This doesn’t mean your sale is gone, but it means the visitor is not prepared to purchase. All you need is to keep informing that visitor about your current sale on his liked product via email marketing to convince him to buy.


Majority of the business owners will be willing to learn about the conversion of visitors into customers. After all, they started a business to earn money. But,it’s not that easy to get sales from your site visitors due to a lot of competition. Thus, you require resources and tools for this conversion. We suggest you follow the above-mentioned ways to convert your website visitors into customers to get optimum results.