5 Digital Marketing Trends Your Business Needs to Try

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Like the previous years, 2021 digital marketing trends are a little bit different than 2020 digital marketing trends. In 2021, these trends seem to be revolving around two major things. The first one being general humanization in which businesses are addressing real issues and managing content accordingly. The second thing mainly focuses on the mechanical and technical optimization of business by which you can absolutely reach your target audience. These days, customers are attracted to the things that are on their level, they won’t approach a business that doesn’t use modern marketing strategy.

Here, in this article, we will be covering 5 top digital marketing trends that can help your business stand tall among your competitors. These digital marketing trends will be hot in the coming year 2021. So, have a detailed look:  

1. Visual content

It’s 2021 and everyone wants to see the visual result of their search. Back in the day, people got impressed by listening to an ad and then reading about something in a newspaper but now things have changed. People have access to images and videos all day long. They don’t need TV to see ads anymore, there is a whole new world of the internet where social media apps are allowing people to consume visual content as well as intentional content marketing. So, if you are developing a website for business or upgrading the old one, you need to add pictures and videos of your business. You need to add descriptions of your photos and videos on the website by doing their proper Search Engine Optimization. 

One thing you should do is take original and inclusive photos and videos. People get attracted to unique and inclusive content. With proper SEO and better visuals, you have a better chance of getting potential customers. One should get familiarized with Google Lens if you are an online brand. There is more than one occasion where people take interest in your business because of visuals. For that particular reason, you should keep your SEO campaigns. Voice search and website, always in better shape. You never know when a potential customer will pay a visit to your website. 

With unique photos and pictures, try to add inclusive web design as it will work as a cherry on top for visual attraction. Especially if you are targeting Gen Z and Millennials, visuals are going to be very important for you.  

There are a few suggestions for your visual content SEO. 

  • Make sure to include alt text in the image descriptions of your website. It will keep the images personalized for your website
  • Create an image Geo Targeting
  • Include SEO keywords and LSI  keyword phrases 
  • Always use good quality images and videos 

2. Interactive content 

Interactive content refers to content that is interesting and relates to people. This content is attractive enough to get people to click on it, swipe it, or engage with it online. Expert suggests that 93% of marketers convinced to buy the product because of highly effective interactive content. 

For the past few years, there has been a lot of focus on racism, religion, sexuality, body positivity, and physical disability. You can address these issues by keeping the web content around these topics. 

For other interactive content, we urge you to use quizzes, polls, 360-degree videos, giveaways, online reviews and augmented reality ads. These interactive approaches also help people to get more immersive and engaging experiences. Such things allow the customer to feel valued for his/her experience. It also enhances the user’s enjoyment of the shopping experience. Research shows that people are willing to switch brands if they see a diverse and more personalized approach via interactive content.


3. Live video OR video marketing

Photos and written content are so 2020, in 2021, people want to have live videos of the business processes. Since consumerism is largely based on how to add value, you need to add videos in your digital marketing campaign because it is what people want. With smartphones, people have now unlimited access to video content online. This is your chance to be in one of those videos they watch all day. If people like something, they would share it and that’s how more people will get to see your videos about your business.  

Live videos with influencers have also the highest rate of conversion. So, hire a few influencers and get them to engage for a live unboxing of your products, using your products, and about the user experience.


4. Chatbots

Another hot trend for 2021 digital marketing is having Chatbots on your website. These are artificial intelligence (AI) software that acts as a virtual assistant for visitors. So, if the user has some questions, chatbots will communicate with users and assist them according to their query. It is like one of those “Help me” icons that you see on every website but chatbots will be able to communicate with verbal and written communication. By doing this, websites want to make the user experience more natural. In the long run, the chatbots will learn to do the optimized response as it will collect data to tailor its response. In the future, it will offer a continuously improving service. Another advantage of using this is that it can be available to help people 24/7. 

5. Personalization

Personalization is really important for customer engagement and it can be done with proper customer segmentation. The idea is to make a small marketing campaign that targets a specific group of people. You could use social media, blogs, or better customer service to do that. 

Personalization will probably be one of the most essential trends in the future of marketing. Building and planning marketing and advertising campaigns that target people rather than the masses can hugely affect your leads, conversions, as well as sales.

6. Email

Email is among the most individual as well as economical forms of communication readily available for marketing professionals. It offers the highest possible ROI.

Most companies don't email their segmented listings enough. Emailing too much is rarely the issue. Explore various send out times, frequency, and also list segments to learn what approaches finest engage your target market in 2021.

7. AI - Automation

We've currently seen massive improvements in AI over the last few years, and also an excellent increase in the number of organizations using AI-powered innovation and also automation to assist their advertising efforts.

AI is just one of the major innovations behind voice search and also smart assistants. It's additionally made chatbots possible, which are now appearing on even more sites than ever before.

AI modern technology and automation are aiding to take several of the grunt work out of advertising and marketing so brand names can concentrate on approach as well as crafting a superb consumer experience.

Bear in mind, the human aspect of advertising and marketing is still essential (probably more crucial than ever before), so the concept is to use this technology to boost your advertising and marketing initiatives, not replace the actual people behind them.

Now is the time to start planning your 2021 marketing strategy if you haven’t already. Make sure you start with a clear plan of your goals and how you’re going to achieve them.