4 principles to Start Cleaning Business from Scratch

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Starting a cleaning business from scratch requires proper planning. The startup of a cleaning business can be lucrative as well. It is one of the most required services in our daily routine. However, with a minimal startup cost, there is a huge potential for attaining a profit. Make sure you identify the basis of the cleaning services business. After that, all you need to do is just plan your business, attain licenses, and utilize solid marketing strategies. So, here are the steps that should be focused when starting a cleaning business from scratch:


• Step 1: Know the Basics of Cleaning Services Business

In case you are one savvy entrepreneur who wants to attain a favorable profit from a startup, cleaning business is the right thing for you. Purchasing or renting a professional tool for cleaning is crucial for your startup. To handle any cleaning job, make sure you have effective cleaning capabilities. You should have a variety of tools to cater to a wide range of customers’ needs. Make sure you create a budget and set a business model to follow. Ensure that you have diverse products such as organic, natural,scent-free, and scented products for cleaning.

Set a fixed rate/pricing considering your locality, demand, and your capabilities as a startup. Know all the basics of the cleaning services. Make sure you always choose the best products. For example, you should have a cleaning uniform with multiple pockets to store the essential items. Make sure you prefer hygienic and safe products. You should always have products such as window cleaners,paper towel, sponge, and disinfectants in bulk

Step 2: Identify the Type of Cleaning Business that Suits You Best

Cleaning business is based on diverse services considering different localities. Look out for the services that make you diverse from your competitors in the market. Make sure you set up a business that suits your talents, skills, and individual style. If you have administrative nature, you can have a team of trained workers. In case you find it easy to work outdoor, then providing services like pressure cleaning and window cleaning are suitable for you. In case you are more capable of catering indoor residential services then provide services such as dusting and vacuuming.

Make sure you know the predictable hourly load, cleanup maintenance rules, and disaster restoration. If you lack the skills, then maid services are for you as it is based on basic cleaning skills. Other services such as carpet cleaning, janitorial services, and other niche cleaning require special tools. Make sure you choose the services after analyzing your cleaning solutions and equipment properly.

• Step 3: Obtain the necessary Licenses & Permits

To start your business, get the proper state licenses and insurances. Every locality has its terms and conditions to provide the business permits. So, check your state, city, and government policies. You may need an occupational license or you might have to just file a doing business As (DBA) form. The registration process is straight forward and takes some days to process.

Attain liability insurance to avoid any loss due to an accident. For example, if any employee breaks any mirror unintentionally, you can protect your business from loss through liability insurance. You will need bonds if you are licensed by the municipal government. Licenses and cleaning services bonds are not just financial coverage. They provide a favorable repute in the business. Through proper licenses and permits, you can show that you are professional. Lastly, make sure each member in your team is licensed and trained in term of your service provision. Other than that, facilitate your team with compensation in cases of injuries and illness. Make sure that your customers are fully aware of your policies and professionalism through your permits and license. It also reduces the chances of theft and other types of fraudulent activities


• Step 1: Get your Brand Setup(Logo, Website, Business cards. etc)

Start your setup to reach your customers by making it official. Firstly, choose your target location for the startup. To attain customers, consider a proper brand setup. If you can manage the budget, then you should hire professional assistance in term of designing. Choose a name and tagline (USP) that represents your services. Make sure you choose a name that is catchy and professional at the same time. It should be unique so it becomes search engine friendly as well.

After that, design a logo that goes well with your name.Make sure your design is sleek and modern considering your locality. It should be something that could be simple,readable and memorable for your potential customers. To promote your business more, consider a proper website that will help you to convert your visitor, get more leads, be found and for connecting with your customer. After that, design your business card. Your business card should have all the necessary information that is required for the customer to connect with you.

• Step 2: Market Your Cleaning Business

After setting your pricing model, all you need to do is tell the world about your new startup. You need to make the most out of your budget for the marketing process. Make sure your marketing tactics are chosen considering your target audience. You have to reach your potential customers considering their needs and demands. Consider offline marketing tactics such as reaching your family and friends. Consider the word-of-mouth marketing to develop trust and reach new customers. Make sure your business card, brochures,and other tools explain the services you offer along with hours, pricing, and contact details.

Offer some discounts for your new customers along with the loyalty program. For online marketing, make sure you have an effective presence considering your demographic reach. Make sure you have a presence on the popular search engines such as Google and the internet. Make sure you are active through social media accounts as well. Lastly, create a unique,user-friendly website and make sure it is easy for the locals to reach you through your marketing tools.


• Step 1: Sales Process / Get Leads/ book more, clients

After having your friends and relatives as your first clients, make sure you are extending your business through reaching more clients. Expand your customer circles and book more clients according to your work capacity. To increase your sale process, get customers through joining the network or volunteer organizations. Participate in the local community cleaning education programs or become an authority. Through becoming any authority, you can conduct surveys and polls to analyze more marketing strategies that work best for your target audience. To find a lead, you have to buy a prospect mailing list from various sources such as trade groups and local chambers. In this way, you will be able to find specific groups looking out for your services.

• Step 2: Give Estimates or Bids

Before you schedule your cleaning services, deciding your hourly rate and providing the estimate to your customer is important. Making a pricing sheet and fixed rate for various services reduces the confusion for your potential customers. The type of estimates that can be provided to your customers includes phone estimate, website estimate, and in-home estimate.Provision of estimates/bids helps in sustaining a professional impression. It also helps your client in selecting you considering your accurate pricing.

•Step 3: Close contract

The contract for the cleaning business helps in maintaining a legal relationship with the client. It helps in creating an agreement between the cleaning service provider and the user. As cleaning is one of the developing business in the commercial market, consideration of contract helps in protecting the customer's asset. For this purpose, build a decent and professional proposal. Consider follow up emails and increase future opportunities for your business.

• Step 4: On-board customers

In the cleaning business, consideration of a proper process for the new customer on-boarding is crucial. In this way, you make the client visit your website, sign up for your services and continue to add value to the relationship with the client. It also helps in reducing the doubts and clearing confusion. For this purpose, you can introduce the client to your staff, tools, and expertise.


• Step 1:Scheduling

Running a cleaning business requires proper scheduling for reducing the hassle for the client. To manage your client, it is important to schedule the timing for your clients. For this purpose, you can have an online booking process that could be feasible for your client. As a professional cleaning service provider, you should be eager to listen to your client flexibility. Your services should be managed according to the requirement of your client. Make sure, you schedule the timing and services according to the client's needs.

Step 2: Procedures/ Checklist

To run a successful cleaning business, all you need to create a system for moving different parts of the business. The procedure for your cleaning job should be pre-planned. Whether it is residential or commercial cleaning job, the checklist of the equipment, timing, and employees should be considered. The procedure for the job should be based on the consideration of several factors like the client's requirement, business timing, weather condition, and the tools that are essential to fulfill the job.

Step 3: Employee/ sub-Contractors

In case you want to grow your cleaning business without the hassle of hiring new employees, you can hire subcontractors. In this way you can save yourself from the hassle of paper works, and taxes. Along with that, the hiring of subcontractors is easy and affordable. On the other hand,if you want to train your workers then it is recommended to hire employees.Factors such as your budget, legal position, and business setup describe the type of hiring you should consider.