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Modern day property management solution

NBK Reality Management provides its' clients modern day property solutions with convenience for both property owners and tenants. The idea behind NBK is to become a one stop solution for all property needs,

Their vast portfolio, accommodates various aspects of property management. The website incorporates provides easy access to potential clients and tenants to engage them in a whole new experience!


The previous NBK website had a traditional outlook with limited scope of search options to optimize search results for properties. The website required an update altogether with a ultra-modern look which would attract buyer and property owners. The idea is to allow them to explore the website and retain their attention sufficiently while they access the information.

The new website must integrate and communicate all information in a organized manner. It should handle all users' queries. The client wanted to ensure that it was easy to manage and update information without needing a developer. The most challenging task was to decide with the client to move to a new platform to host the website.


The new design needs to reflect the brand in a new light. We had three major areas of focus: organization, navigation and content. We wanted to made it easy for the users to scan the information quickly at a glance! The properties search results was improved by employing use of filters to make it more convenient for the users.

We made sure the new design adequately meet users' requirements by allowing easy access for property owners, customers and tenants. We also integrated secured payment processing. The new website have to load faster and is responsive to mobile devices.

Take a look at the before and after screenshots:


To inform our approach to the redevelopment of the pre-existing website, we completed a thorough ‘Discovery’ process. This method included meetings with key Owner and Project Director, We did audit of the company online brand identity, as well as competitor research and inspiration collation.

nbk mockup
nbk mockup mobilephone mockup

The website was redesigned first with wire frame structures and then into a full blown website! The website design systematically unites all the disparate parts of the previous website in to one unified brand language and the modern design engaged the site visitor by allowing them to explore the story of the NBK and enriching their experience as they navigate along.

This experience is set to change visitors in to potential clients! !The improved user interface ensures a user friendly design making property search and property solutions easier than ever before and engage with current tenant and Inquire new property owners.

Font & Colors
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New NBK website

The new website allows NBK to distinguish itself from all its competitors through a simple design reflects the company image. Now the overall user experience is more fluid by all the new functionalities. We try to keep the brand essence at the same time it was modern and user friendly.

The users' reaction was very positive:

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    56% increase in website pages per session

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    31% decrease in website bounce rate

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    10% Increase session Duration

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    Easy to receive new communication with tenant and Investors


what our  happy clients are saying

Zach Weiss
2 reviews

Jader is the best! He was always just a phone call away and was always happy to assist, even when the job was complete. He provided my property management company with an amazing website and we are so excited to show it off. If you're looking for a website designer, look no further. Thank you Jader.