Would You Like Me To Personally Design Your Website, Update Your SEO, and Even Update Your Copywriting ...for Free?

Jader Gil

Dear Friend,

If you are unhappy with your website and are looking to attract more customers to increase your sales and profits, this is the most important offer you’ll ever read.

For the past 5 years, I have given outrageous good service to more than 200 small business owners. I was so into Web Designing, that my friends started calling me Spider Man.

I know, I know, it's a bad joke, but it makes me smile every time...

After I got some international attention, I’ve had to do very little paid advertising because word of mouth advertising kept me going full-time.

As I keep working with more and more clients, I noticed a very interesting pattern.

Most of my new clients were experiencing almost the same problem:

"My business is losing clients and positioning to my competitors."

Most had trouble trying to make their website stand from the crowd. If their website was not helping to positioning their products and services, it makes it difficult to keep growing their business,

Usually they tried several freelancers, agencies, and some of them were doing their website themselves.

Their businesses were suffering, of course.

Poor navigation, unclear copywriting, high bouncing rate, no conversions, were few of the most common issues.

I saw an opportunity to create a service to help with this very problem.

And, when it was time for me to do for my company exactly what I do for my customers, I didn’t want to spare any expenses.

“So, I Got The Crazy Idea Of Preparing An Irresistible Offer To Get A Bunch Of New Clients!”

My vision is simple, create the most powerful and more affordable website and marketing machine service in the market to help my customers position their business better, get more leads, more customers and more profits.

I know that for a website to be successful, it's not only a matter of good web design. It also requires good copywriting, great look and feel, good positioning in Google searches, a reliable source of traffic, and proper maintenance overtime.

The main problem is that, to have all that done, business owners have to either: 

⇾ Go to a lengthy hiring process to put an in-house team together, which can run in the tens of thousands of dollars per month,

⇾ Or pay top dollars to an agency -which in most cases will look at their business as one more of the pile.

Both propositions, are, to say the least, not really attractive and very expensive.

I beg your pardon?
Outsourcing to Freelancers?
Yes, Sure!

"Outsource you project to a team overseas at a fraction of the cost."

Sure, I've also heard about the Globalization Myth.

And it might work very well for all AT&T tech support in India or Afghanistan if you are trying to have that kind of customer service, right?

Nothing like having few sleepless nights trying to catch them awake while dealing with a cultural and business acumen barrier bigger than life and twice as ugly.

Call me old school, but no, thanks...

Many business owners end up going with a DIY website, to have some presence online in the short term, while kneecapping their positioning among competitors immediately -I'll get back to this later...

That’s the main reason, me and my  partner with Edwin, who is an Engineer, decided to create a solution to solve this problem. 

So, we put together a dream team, spent almost 6 months and $125,000 into developing our proprietary solution.

This is our biggest project ever, we called Rocket Online System. And is part of our Simple Marketing Solution.

And now that it is ready to launch, we are looking for our first group of clients to test our system. That’s why we decided to create this Crazy Offer.

Yes, we decided to create an offer to give 10 times more value for a fraction of the cost.

Even when our solution is fully working, our process needs some fine-tuning. We prefer to go slow and test our process with a small group of customers before going full board.

Yes, I know you probably already have a website, which, if I’m doing my job right, it’s up for a refresh.

Hey, no need for me to criticize your website here, right? But as you probably will find out while you get to know me, I'm not the kind of guy that like sugarcoating things just to be nice.

Now, if I want for you to consider getting a brand-new website so your business can increase leads, revenue and profits, I had to come with something special, don’t you think?

Well, if you are reading this far, it’s probably because you know your business can greatly benefit from having a better website.

You probably also want to know if this is a worthwhile offer that can solve all your problems once for all.

I know you are busy, so let’s cut to the chase here.
This is my crazy offer:

  • I will design your website for Free.
    My expense, just to win you as a new customer.
  • I will pay for the new web design, copywriting and the migration from wherever platform you have it now.
    Out of my pocket -period.
  • I will even throw in the deal a set of 25 brand new professional pictures for your website at no extra cost.

Let me stop right here for a second before I add few more items to that list...

Up To Here,
That Represents For You Savings Of At Least $5,000
-Not Counting The Bonuses

And that’s not all, but before I get ahead of myself, let me go back a little bit.

Let me make sure you are in the right place and this information is relevant to you:

◾ If you are like most of my customers, you have this sense of knowing exactly what you want but might not know how to get there. 

◾ If you already know how to solve your ‘website mistake,’ you’d have done it by now. No need to get the help of a high-paid professional Web Designer and Marketing Expert like myself.

◾ If you are like most of the people that hire me, you can probably hear yourself saying something in the lines of:
I don’t know why, but I like this design way better.

Yes, most of my clients are not professional designers, but I can tell you, they really can appreciate a good design.

Most of my customers are also business savvy, and they can smell a good deal like a shark can smell a drop of blood in the water.

If you are looking for a great deal,
let me tell you this:

After working on more than 200 different website projects,
I can tell you this is a VERY BIG DEAL.

Not only because you will save thousands of dollars (I usually charge anything between $5,000 and $10,000 for a 5-page business website.) 

Today, I’ll do my best to try to bribe you into getting me to design your website at a fraction of the cost. I'll get back to this in a moment…

“Yes, Saving $5,000 Is A Hell Of A Good Deal, But Let Me Explain To You Why I Think This Is Rather A VERY BIG DEAL.”

I see many business owners make the same mistake time and time again.

Yes, because when it comes into a website, this is a mistake way too easy to make:

We put a large effort into solving a small problem.
At the same time,
We also assign very few resources to solve a big issue.

We loon to saving money in our digital marketing, but them we spend 100's of hours learning how to make a duct-taped website.

Or we get our cousin-in-law to do our website because he wears glasses with tape between lenses, a black bow tie, and a black plastic protector on his shirt front pocket.

This is simply the perfect recipe for disaster!

We end up with a duct-taped website and a Frankenstein marketing integration.

How do I know that?
Well, that's exactly what happened to me.
Can you tell?

I setup my own cheap website, not realizing how that would affect my positioning in front of my new customers, potential partners, prospective employees, and even members of my team.

I can remember that feeling of seeing my business failing like in slow motion while my bills piled up and my back was playing contortion acts on its' own. Oh, Poor Little Lamb...

My mom raised a procrastinator, but not a quitter.
So, solving this problem it became my obsession. my personal challenge, and to my surprise my passion, right there.

Since I started making websites for businesses. I've seen the same story repeating again and again every single day.
I had to something about it!

Oh! I got sidetracked here, let me get back on track.
What were we talking about?
Yes, the crazy offer...

Listen, nowadays everybody looks in the Internet before buying something, meeting someone, or researching about a company product or service.

And we all know it, you shouldn't "judge a book by its cover,” but somehow, we do the complete opposite.

We all judge a business by the way their website looks

I wonder why we are so oblivious to this fact. Maybe is because that Hollywood effect? If you work hard and at the end of the movie, everything works out.

I've struggled for years with something that will only cost a few hundred dollars. Elementary, my dear Watson: I had to spent thousands to save hundreds.

At the same exact time, I was upgrading my perfect-working-condition-phone to get the new hyper-plus-pro-retina-flex phone with 24/7 dopamine distraction included that will break before getting the first bill in the mail.

I was penny wise and pound foolish.

Oops!... I did it again.
I got derailed...
Where was I?...

Yes, the website.
Do you think your prospects judge your business by the way your website looks?
Please, don’t make me say it.

Do You Know How Much Money On Lost Opportunities, Low Positioning And Decreased Perceived Value Your Out-of-Date Website Is Causing Your Business?

Nowadays, people look for your website before they decide to buy, visit the real physical location or call for more information. For real!

I do it, and if you think about it, you probably do it to…

So, when we design a business website, we put a lot of thought into using all the available resources in a very specific way to solve business problems. You’d probably ask:

How do you do that?
What does it mean?
How can this benefit me?

Ok, let’s answer those questions now. 

This is the real reason people choose to buy anything from us -- our #1 secret that only master web designers know how to do right, and every ‘Con Men’ only wish they know: 

“We Design Every Page To Accomplish A Specific Business Goals”

Let me explain, we help business owners to accomplish specific goals with their website.

Here are few of the most common business goals we usually focus on:

Saving Time:
Within our process, we run a 73-points check list to make sure you can provide your customers with the right kind of information they need to do business with you.
Free Your Staff from Busy Work:
Almost every business’ website has repetitive content that periodically changes -like a Blog, a portfolio, a list of locations, list of employees, offers, events, or even employment openings.

With our Content Management System (CMS), you will be able to add or remove this content dynamically on your own without having to create or delete any pages.
Help You Sell Your Products and Services:
With the power of the Internet, you will finally have one Digital-Sales-Rep that brings value every time a prospect visits your website and delivers the exact same sales message as reliably as God’s sunshine.

Since we have worked in many industries, we know several ways to
use technology to accomplish most business goals.

"Jader, I don't CARE about you or what you know.
How is this gonna help me market what I got faster, simpler, easier with maximum results?"

Can we link these efforts to profits, sales, revenue, and hard-core cash?

You can bet we can, and even more, your website impacts:

Customers' Experience:
If the customers enjoy the time they spend in your website, that means, they can easily navigate and find the information is more valuable for them, they will engage more with your content.

The more they consume your content, the more they will buy your products and services. Does it make sense?
Perceived Value:
All things equal, a company with a beautiful website will appear to be more valuable than other that with an ugly one.

Customers are willing to pay a higher price for the same exact product. They also buy more often and refer their friends and family just because of perceiving more value.
Team Morale:
Posting your team pictures, names and profiles on your website not only helps your customers get more connected with your organization, it helps boost your team morale.

Higher employee morale means more productivity, collaboration, and retention at your company. There is real money tied to this!
Talent Acquisition:
Your marketing doesn’t stop at your target audience, your prospective employees and partners will also base their decision of joining your team by the perception your website gives about your operation.

Your website can position your company very attractively in the mind of people you don’t know before you even open your mouth.
Your Reputation!
How many people can see your Diplomas, Awards, and your new Designer Suit?

Post a picture of you in your office, and everybody will know every single reason you are a leader in your market.

OK, let me give you a little help here, this is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you can really start to pile up the profits in your business:

What about the cost?

Yes, the cost of losing opportunities, time, and positioning is way too much -or far too much? Either way, it's Huge!

I agree we can't afford losing all this money!

A Rabbit Roaring Like A Lion Won’t Intimidate Other Animals. Rather, It Is Going To Attract Some Good Predators.

And here is where most people fail. Most people focus on bringing new leads and more traffic.

They spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising to send new prospects on a short journey that ends up wasting most of their advertising dollars.

Bringing traffic to an out-of-date website, is paying money to let people know your company’s website sucks and is not as good as your competitors.

Have you ever felt like you spend money advertising on people that end up buying from your competitors?

I did, I remember the exact moment I realized I was warming up prospects to buy from my own competitors. That is a very hard road to success.

By now, I imagine that by now you are connecting some dots here, right?

If you look closely, you might be starting to figure out some of the unintended consequences. By putting off this decision, the real cost is way more than what you save.  Moreover, you can figure there are other possibilities of doing something different right now.

Look, the cost of our website is extremely low compared with what you get. However, I don’t want to come this far without having an absolutely warranty that our work will be of your complete satisfaction.

Here is my bulletproof Guarantee:

If we don’t deliver a website that is multiple times better of whatever traffic and conversions you have in place now, WE WILL RETURN YOUR MONEY BACK TWICE, no questions asked.

OK, that is insane, I know. But me and my team are so confident about what we have, that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Now, when it comes to websites, most people start talking about gigabytes, HTML, CSS, domains and all that technical jargon that puts you to sleep in no time, right?

Well, the technical side is very important of course.
But if you hire someone to fix your car, they should know about all that stuff, don’t you think?
You don’t want to learn how to repair cars, you just want for it to work, right?

That’s why, even when we know about all the geeky aspects of our trade, we will take care of all that for you and keep it simple.

Well, just in case you need to satisfy that little voice in your brain asking about the geeky stuff, I will put it on Joe-Everyday terms:

Do you have an event that will bring tons of traffic to your website, like appearing on Oprah’s Show or the half-time of the Super Bowl?

No worries, we can automatically scale to handle up to 100,000 visitors per second without a glitch.

You said massive overseas traffic? She'll be alright!

With more than 100 data centers around the world, your site will load very quickly (in milliseconds) from any place on this planet.

Our secret weapon? We use Amazon Cloud front behind the curtain.
You don’t have to worry about security concerns or hacking; your website will be triple-password-protected.

In case you need, we can recover your content to previous versions at any time. We automatically save your content in the background; you don’t have to worry about anything.
You are empowered to design, edit, and iterate your page without relying on any help from engineering. Not complex training, up and running fast from day 1.

BTW, you will never have to worry about updates, upgrades or conflicts. Our platform is not based on WordPress, Wix, Web, SquareSpace or any of those cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all conflicting themes/plugins solutions.

These guys make billions out of cookie-cutter websites!

Yuck! Only thinking about it, gives me the willies!

Again, our platform is web-based. You will be able to manage it from any computer with an internet connection. No software to install, updates are done on the fly.
Look and Feel:
We add beautiful visual interactions and fluid animations, so your visitors take extra pleasure in consuming your content. We make sure our websites are pixel perfect designed without pixelations -is that even a word?

BTW, have you seen our web designs?
Don't worry, I'll take care of that in a minute...
Content Management:
Almost every business’ website has repetitive content that periodically changes -like a Blog, a portfolio, a list of locations, list of employees, or even employment openings.

With our Front-End Editor, you will be able to update your content without worrying about breaking the website -BTW, you won’t be able to…

Our system is a powerful content database manager at your fingertips, to easily manage your text, pictures, audio and video; and the best part, you don’t even need to know how to spell the word ‘database.’
Future Proof:
Our core technology was created in 2013, which in most industries would be kind of young. But, in tech-terms it means this is state-of-the-art fixing the issues other platforms are kneecapped by.

We can keep talking about how your website can help your business until the cows come home, but if I had to say the number one ROI, I see my customers getting out of this marketing effort, is what we call Compounding Marketing.

Compounding Marketing is like that one penny that keeps doubling. Every small enhancement you add to your website has a compounding effect.

Small marketing assets like pictures, videos, blog posts, reviews, can be collected and showcased on your website. Overtime, your website becomes the center of your whole marketing strategy.

Here is a short list of the small things your website can do to help your marketing start compounding:

  • check mark Icon

    Capture Users Emails

  • check mark Icon

    Video Posts

  • check mark Icon

    Customer Feedback

  • check mark Icon

    Portfolio Pieces

  • check mark Icon

    Publish Blog Articles

  • check mark Icon

    Distribute Newsletter

  • check mark Icon

    Showcase Staff

  • check mark Icon

    Case Studies

  • check mark Icon

    Collect Customers Reviews

  • check mark Icon

    Promotional Offers

  • check mark Icon

    Showcase Partners

  • check mark Icon

    Trip Wires

I just remember I haven’t finished telling you about all the bonuses I am including on this crazy offer.

This is what my regular prices are for a 5-Pages Website:

Web Design
Content Migration (5 pages)
Copywriting Refresh
Professional Stock Pictures
Premium Hosting with SSL
Local Business Citations
Essential SEO (On/Off Page Optimization)
Website Management (12 Months)

But, for this crazy offer, I will do something even crazier to bribe you into becoming my client:

◾ As I mentioned, I will design your website for FREE

◾ And I will migrate, host, and manage your website for the whole year.

◾ Plus, I will assign a professional copywriter to refresh the written content of your website. I would do it myself, but when it comes to copywriting,
I feel like a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

My thing is Web Design. So, I will let a professional copywriter take care of this part.

◾ On top of that, to help increase your ranking on Google, I’m including Essential On-Page and Off-Page SEO Optimization.

◾ Also, I will add monthly local business citations to create more authority on your local market.

◾ And I will personally train you (or your 8-year-old son) to easily update your content. On your own, there is no need for a designer or developer.

I will include all in this list for only $499/mo.

Not happy with all that, if you order today, and this is gonna’ blow you mind,
to make it an absolutely no brainier,
I personally will:
Provide 1-on-1 Support for a whole year for FREE. I will be available to meet with you 1 hr. per month to support any of your marketing efforts. Review any advertising, tweak your website or even hang out to talk about digital marketing or the last episode of Seindfield.
Create, monitor and optimize an Ad Campaign in Google’s Display Network. That will help  you to create awareness and traffic of brand-new living prospects (the ad spend is on you though.)
Add a landing page with a capture form so you can send your traffic to one page highly optimized for capturing new prospects right away.
I will add a Custom Domain Implementation to the mix. Either I will use a domain you own or get a brand new one for you.

If you still think this is all, please pull out your credit card and keep reading...
If you place your order today,
I will add 3 more bonuses:

  1. Facebook Pixel Implementation so you can track all your website visitors using Facebook’s social graph.
  2. Google Analytics Tracking Code to collect all the data for your advertising campaigns.

  3. Google My Business account setup to drive customer engagement in search and maps.

Now let’s recap, we have:

Web Design
Content Migration (5 pages)
Copywriting Refresh
Professional Stock Pictures
Premium Hosting with SSL
Local Business Citations
Essential SEO (On/Off Page Optimization)
Website Management (12 Months)

Plus Bonuses:

1-on-1 Support for a Whole Year
Display Ad Campaign in Google’s Network (Ready-To-Run you pay the Ad Spend)
Landing Page with A Capture Form
Custom Domain Implementation
Facebook Pixel Implementation
Google Analytics Tracking Code Implementation

Again, all these items are included on my Crazy Offer. Should I say Insane Offer instead?

What's the catch?
Now that you ask, there is a small catch.

As I mentioned, our solution is fully functioning, but we want to test our process with a small batch of customers.
We have worked hard to have everything ready for you, but I'm sure we imperfect, and there will be a couple of extra details we haven't thought about. You might need to put off with us figuring those details.

Ok, for Only $499/month I will do all the items in the list for you.

What did you say? Contract?
No, no, no.
I don’t lock my clients in long-term contracts.

If you are not fully happy with what I’m providing for you, you can leave at any time. Just give me a 30-day notice to off board your data and stuff, and you are as free as a Polar Bear without global warming.

If you find someone who can deliver a better service than me, you can also leave. No questions asked. (Actually, I wouldn’t be able to resist asking you who is that another guy crazier than me.)

So, in a nutshell:

◾ I will redesign your website,

◾ I will take care of all the geeky stuff for you, including the hosting, SSL Certificate and custom domain things, without getting into any of the technical jargon unless you want me to.

◾ I will hook it up to Google and Facebook, so they can gather data from all your visitors. (I swear we will be able to legally stalk your audience with your branding, but I will only do it if you ask me to.)

◾ I will drive traffic with a Google Display ad campaign, and I will capture these leads for you using a landing page. You pay for the ad spend, and I'll run your Google display campaign.

◾ Oh, did I mention I’ll have a copywriter refresh your content and new images for you as well?

I hope I'm not forgetting anything...

What did you say? Trial?

Yes, if you would like to start today, let’s do this:

Get Started with a $1 Trial for 14-Days.

If everything is fine, we continue with a $499/mo deal after the 14 days,
isn't that fair?

Listen, there's a lot more makes our solution special. But that's just too long for this page.

And for sure we will get there as we go over our on-boarding process.

I will take care of you as I do with all my customers.

Unless you come to be one of these crazy customers that abuse the relationship, try to micromanage every little thing, don’t pay on time or have unrealistic expectations, we will have a long prolific business relationship where I will do my best to help your business succeed.

What was that again?
Oh, the Design Samples?

There you go:

Financial website template
Tax Pro webflow Template
Cleaning services webflow Template
Home Remodeling webflow template
coaching  pro webflow Template
Business Consulting
salon webflow Template
Dentist webflow template
Jader Gil

I can't awaken up someone who is pretending to sleep.

If by now, you can't see this is probably the real deal, there might be something pending...

What was that?
Customization with your brand?

Your new website will be reflection of your brand feel, look, colors, fonts and iconography. Unless your brand is older than a soda pop bottle dispensing machine and we have to look into bring it up a notch or two.

We have a large set or fonts, millions of colors and colours (just like everyone else :-P), and if you have a special set of fonts or icons, we will get them up as well.

Sorry, I'm having trouble hearing today...
You said friendly to mobile devices?
I am glad you asked!
Your website will be optimized for mobile devices (responsive.)

I know you probably have some more questions; we will answer them during the next few steps.

Today, you can use our Rocket Online System to position your business to roar like a lion! -for real.

Once you're in, our first step is scheduling a Discovery Session.
In that meeting you can make sure you're not talking to somebody in 'China sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.'

We are an US-based business, I'm in LA and my partner Edwin is in Houston.

Oh BTW, 99% of the Discovery Sessions are with both Edwin and me. Unless Edwin is having a bad hair day or I'm on one of my laser tattoo removal sessions. Which in that case, you will be meeting only with one of us.

Yes, we conduct our session ourselves because we take very seriously our on-boarding process, here is where we separate the serious from the curious.

Don't worry, I have everything ready~ish for you.

Well let’s get focused here,
with this Crazy/Insane Offer,
I probably will be swamped faster than a cat lapping chain lightning.

And I will have to turn this page off or start putting people in a waiting list, so I don't overbook myself.

So, if this is the best offer you have heard in a long time ever,
and you know this is something will benefit your business,
your employees and your customers,
go ahead and click on the ‘GET YOUR TRIAL’ button,
follow the steps and we will be on route to get your website up and running asap.

The only thing you have to lose are the savings if you don't act now!

But don't delay,
this offer ends March 30th, 2020
or as soon as we fill out capacity.

This Crazy Offer is ending soon and when it closes,
this Offer will be gone forever!

After we prime the pump, others will pay many hundreds more each month for fewer features than you are getting here today.

So, get started now!
Click on the orange button,
Lock this offer now!

And thanks for taking the time to read this page
and I will see you on the other side…

Jader Gil

Founder of Progeektech

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal in a nutshell:

I will design your website, host it, do the copywriting, new images, custom domain, essential SEO, Google and Facebook integrations, capture landing page, with support, training, and a display ad campaign for only $499/mo.

To start today, you can get a 14 Day Trial for Only $1.

So, don't miss out please hurry before this crazy/insane offer ends soon.